Re: Date of Birth input into databases

Russ Maurer

Yes, this is easy to do using either the LitvakSIG "All Lithuania Database" ( or the JewishGen Lithuania Database (, which searches the ALD and other records. Dates of birth in ALD birth records are formatted as DD/MM/YYYY; single-digit months and days are generally recorded without leading zeros. Dates of birth sometimes are found in other kinds of records such as census, marriage, or death records and there may be differences in the format, such as the use of hyphens instead of slashes, the presence of leading zeros, or the use of alpha months in place of numerical. It is important to recognize that "/" and "-" are not permissible in the search input and must be replaced by spaces.

Thus, for example, to search for a birthday of March 9, 1875, input "any field" "contains" "9 3 1875" and, to make sure you haven't missed anything, also try the following variations:
09 3 1875
09 03 1875
9 03 1875
9 mar 1875
09 mar 1875

The ALD contains over 244,000 birth records. Good luck!

Russ Maurer, Records Acquisition & Translation Coordinator, LitvakSIG

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