Re: who are or where is Bialostoker #poland

Mark Halpern

dsyner@... asks about Bialostoker in Detroit

A Bialystoker is a person with roots in Bialystok. My mother was born in Bialystok, so I call myself a Bialystoker. See for more about Bialystok. 

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland has indexed all the available Jewish vital records for the city of Bialystok from 1835 through 1905. These indices are all included in the JRI-Poland database Search SYNER or ZINER using Soundex and set Geographical region to Grodno Gubernia. There are some surnames in the results but none spelled either SYNER or ZINER. If you do not find any names of interest, maybe your Bialystoker family comes from a nearby town. 

You should search all the lists and surname indices on the BialyGen website

If your family does not show up in any of these lists/databases, you need to look at US documents such as Naturalization papers and Passenger Lists to hopefully find the town your family came from.

Best of luck,
Mark Halpern

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