Amit N

Dear all,

I am trying to crack open a black hole, with no luck so far.
My grandmother's uncle was married to a woman who according to the
family knowledge took her life at some point. I have succeeded to find
her maiden name this week. She was Dr. SPITZER Istvanne Szul BADER
I can tell they were married before 1900, and that she died sometime
between 1910's-1930's. They lived in Sombor (Zombor in Hungarian,
nowadays Serbia).
I thought that such a case would appear on newspapers, but couldn't
find anything in I don't read Hungarian, so that's
another impediment...A JewishGen search also did not show results.
Do you have any idea on how to break this wall and find some
information about her and her untimely death?

Thank you all,
Amit Naor

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