Re: Date of Birth input into databases


Thank you for the replies.My Grandfather we believe came from Vilnius.He left presumably to escape conscription in the Russian Army.He walked across Europe with his younger sister playing his violin on street corners to survive.At that time passports were not compulsory and it was easy to enter England without any real documentation.Which I am fairly certain he did.I wonder how many East European Jews were ever officially registered in any meaningful and traceable way.

I have done a Y-Dna test and know his haplogroup JM-172 and have identified chromosome sequences with a number of people,some suggesting we may have had a common great or great-great grandparent.I don’t know why,but sadly it is very rare for anyone to reply to emails for information.I keep hoping in this endless frustrating search that the missing piece of the Jig saw puzzle will just appear.This is not a topic for this forum.I merely mention it to say how grateful I am for the speedy replies to my request for help.

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