Nancy Siegel


November 1, 2019

In case you missed it, the latest Weekly Update includes the following interesting and informative articles:

  • Thousands of new records added to JewishGen’s Belarus and Bessarabia collections

  • A request for Russian translators

  • A new column by Ann Rabinowitz discussing The Concise Dictionary of American Jewish Biography

  • A new column by Joel Davidi Weisberger focusing on Sephardic-Ashkenazic Encounters in Transylvania

  • Helpful Hints for finding answers to your questions about JewishGen resources

  • Andrew Lenard’s moving success story, Romance in F Major, about his search after the Holocaust for his former music partner

  • Gesher Galicia’s launch of a long-term project to identify 573 Jewish record books housed in the Przemysl State Archive in Poland

We invite you to access the JewishGen Weekly Update by following this link:

Nancy Siegel (San Francisco, CA, USA)

Communications Coordinator

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