RUBIN Family

Marilyn Robinson

My maternal great great grandmother was Gussie RUBIN [m. Morris/Moses
REICHMAN (mother of Rebecca Reichman Levine(Leurie/Luria)]. The
Reichmans were possibly from Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland.

I received a photo from my cousin's file labeled, "Harry & Fannie
Rubin",including two others unnamed (possibly two adult children or
adult child & spouse). My cousin does not know the connection that
Harry & Fannie have to the family.

I found naturalization info. for a Harry & Fannie Rubin, but I don't
know if they are the ones photographed or related to me. (Harry
labeled as born in Satanov or Podolia, Fannie from Spikow, no info.
from Jewishgen/Satanov or JRIPoland).

Does anyone have any suggestions on what else to do in order to
connect Harry & Fannie Rubin to the RUBIN/REICHMAN family?
Marilyn Robinson

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