Istvan Csepke - Mystery Child on JDC card #france #hungary

Judi Gyory Missel

In searching the recently available JDC cards, I found my relatives Imre and Maria Aszodi heading to France after escaping from Budapest after the 1956 Hungarian uprising. They eventually settled in Toronto, Canada. On their departure card, a 4 year old child named Istvan Csepke born in Debrecen is listed as part of the family. Istvan never went to Canada. No one in the family has ever heard of him and, unfortunately, both Imre and Maria have passed away. Does anyone have any idea of how to go about looking for Istvan? Was he being taken to relatives in France? I know of no other family from Debrecen, so how did he end up in Imre and Maria's care? Did he die in France and that's why he did not go with them to Canada? 
Any ideas for further research would be appreciated.
Judi Gyori Missel
Mesa, Arizona

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