Looking for descendants of Jacob Josef (or Josef Jacob) Horoschowski


Looking for possible descendants in Israel and elsewhere of Jacob Josef (or Josef Jacob) Horoschowski, born 1905 in Drohobych of Benzion Weber and Etie Horoschowska, or of his sisters Chaye Sarah or Matylda, one of whom was attempting to get to Palestine with him in 1927 from Vienna. My mother, born Genya Horoschowska in Vienna, was his youngest sister, born after their parents fled to Vienna in 1914 or early 1915. She was fostered and later adopted, all the other siblings went to the Jewish orphanage as their parents had got separated on the journey and their mother had no means of subsistence. We know he was trying to emigrate to what was then Palestine in 1927, with one of his other sisters, as he came to visit my mother to tell her (but was not allowed in, and they had no further contact). His children, or his sister's children, would be my first cousins, probably in their late 70s or 80s by now.

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