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David Lewin

At 11:37 AM 07-11-19, Kathy Miller wrote:
The oldest daughter of Israel Goldmann - Henriette - married Simon Herlitz. The couple had a lot of children and the two sonsÂ
Hans (grandfather of Hanna, 1873-1942) andÂ
Ismar (1877-1941) went from Neisse to Frankfurt.Â
The third brother in that region was Fritz Herlitz (1871 in Neisse - 1948 in Marburg).Â
I don't know how and why he, his wife and his son survived WW2. He was Jewish, his wife was Jewish and the son was Jewish. Suddenly during WW2 the wife was no longer Jewish but protestant. I don't know why because  her birth certificate has been sited.  Her mother was Jewish without any doubt.
Family Herlitz moved from Frankfurt to Marburg during WW2, the son, Michael  had a cinema after the war and they lived in Bahnhofsstrasse 22.Â
Michael Herlitz lives in Bahnhofsstrasse 29Â , Marburg.
I've written to him with no response...does anyone out there know of this person or family?
Thanks in anticipation


Have you tried  ?

The other thing to do is contact the civil registry authority

David Lewin

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