Re: Cemeteries in Israel

Dahn Cukier

Sorry to bust a bubble, but no. Only some
of the larger cemeteries have been done.

Problem that needs fixing. The search does not search with soundex.
Otherwise it seems fine.

When searching and not finding the grave, enter
one of the names and the father's name, narrow
the search years. I looked for a cousin I know is buried in
Jerusalem. I also know his family name is not spelled as
it sounds. I looked by first name and year of death and found
a fine photo of the grave.

BUT I am not surprised and I know that other
databases are no better. The official Tel Aviv
web site has many mistakes and when I find a
difference, I write to them. The same with the Ministry
of Defense, which has many mistakes also.

If you are planning to visit, I suggest looking
at Gravez which shows the "address" not only the
GPS location. My sister is buried on the 5th floor,
the first 2 floors have 4 graves at the same GPS each.

Dahn Cukier

On Thursday, November 7, 2019, 3:17:57 PM GMT+2, blankdavid via Groups.Jewishgen.Org <> wrote:

New app for cell phone.   GRAVEZ

Able to search all cemeteries in Israel.

Great app

David Blank

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