Re: Rabbinic SIG

Dick Plotz <Dick@...>

Carol, you should have received two RavSIG digests this week. If you
did not, write to support@... and someone will respond. The
support system can sometimes take a couple of days to respond, so be
patient. But first, check your spam folder.

In general, the address support@... is the place to write if
you have any questions about the SIG lists, which have not been
switched over to the new platform and are still active. They have
mostly been less active than in the past, though, as some people have
chosen to write to the new group instead. It may be that JewishGen was
not a clear as it might have been about what was changing and what was

Use support@... for any questions about JewishGen
operations. Those questions can usually be answered only by people
within JewishGen. Send messages about genealogy to
main@..., so everyone can read them.

Bottom line: the main list was switched to main@....
The SIG lists were not, and remain at {},
where they have always been.

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

On Sat, Nov 9, 2019 at 11:07 AM Carol Lieberman <carolliebs@...> wrote:

Where is digest. Does it exist.

Dr. Carol Lieberman

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