Germany Easing of Restoration of German Citizenship for Descendants of Nazi Persecution #germany

Jan Meisels Allen

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior eased the rules regarding restoration of citizenship for descendants of victims of National Socialist persecution. Under certain circumstances some individuals may more easily acquire German citizenship.  The edict was dated August 30, 2019.


Those who stand to benefit include:


  • children born in wedlock before April 1, 1953, to German mothers whose citizenship had been revoked and foreign fathers;
  • children born out of wedlock before July 1, 1993, to German fathers whose citizenship had been revoked and foreign mothers, provided the paternity of those children was recognized and determined under German law prior to their reaching the age of 23; and
  • children whose German parent had acquired foreign citizenship and lost their German citizenship amid National Socialist persecution, including children whose mothers emigrated as a result of persecution and lost their German citizenship prior to April 1, 1953, through marriage to a foreign man;


            and, in most cases, their descendants.


The edict may be read at:

It is in German. However, if you use Chrome as your browser it will translate it, or use a translation service such as


You may also read a release from the German Missions in the United States which explains the existing law and information on obtaining German citizenship. It also has a link for the application for naturalization. See:

This is available in both English and German which you can chose at the upper right of the page.

An article about this may be read at:


Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee


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