Rosalind Finkelstein

I had my DNA tested at My Heritage and was informed that I am a close match to Joan G.  I got in touch with her as I don’t know who she is.  She is Jewish but wouldn’t tell me anything about herself or her family.  I have tried to research her but I can’t even find her birth certificate which leads me to think she may have been adopted.  She has New York roots but adoption records in New York are sealed.  I sent a letter to her nephew but haven’t heard back from him.

I don’t want to cause  trauma for anyone nor am I looking for new cousins.  All I want to know is how we are related.  I have no first cousins as my father’s immediate family died in the Holocaust and my mother had one brother who never married.  Anyone who might be able to give me information is no longer alive. 

I would appreciate  any help or suggestions anyone may offer.  Thanks in advance.


Rosalind Finkelstein

Framingham,MA   USA


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