Constantinople 1890's-Egypt


My Grandmother Louise (bernhardson,bernardson,bernhardt,berman??) was born in then
Constantinople into a family of merchants.The family apparently also had interests in a water bottling plant in Egypt.or so we were told.

Her mother Susan Sarah (Barris,Beinich??) died in 1894 giving birth to her 3rd child Isadore.

Her father Abraham came from Roumania as a 1 month old baby in 1858.

his (Abraham’s) parents were Moses Ber and Nahame.

My grandmother went to the once prestigious German School in Constantinople.

She had a cousin also named Louise about the same age who later married a

Moritz Kremer,a jeweler in Cairo.There was a common uncle of the Louises named Ignatz also in Cairo.Louise Kremer had 6 children,the eldest named Emmanuel.

After my grandmothers mothers death the family moved to Thessalonika,and then to London about 1896

My grandmothers mtdna Haplogroup is N1b1b1.

If there is anyone out there that can recognise even the smallest detail in this sketchy outline(which is all we know) I would be ever so grateful to hear from you.

Robin S


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