Re: Germany Easing of Restoration of German Citizenship for Descendants of Nazi Persecution #germany

David Cherson

Personally I am glad to see Germany move further in reconciliation, etc., and I have always maintained that they are far ahead of Austria in this regard.  However I find it absurd and a little bit insulting to see Jews trying to claim German citizenship.  I can't help but think that there are two things that influence this "movement" and have very little to do with German reconciliation. One is how people view the current (US) administration (yes, "him") and their fears of the US going extreme right-wing (won't happen, we are still and will remain a democracy), and two not giving a thought to aliyah to Israel because of their dislike of Netanyahu,  Well they still engage in free and democratic elections in Israel (perhaps too many lol) and once you become a citizen you can vote.  I did and I have voted in past elections.  But if you really do want to acquire German citizenship then I would require that you do the following: for men, put on a kippah and walk the streets of German cities, say Berlin for example.  Or for both men and women wear some identifying clothing that makes gentiles think that you are Jewish, whether you are or not.  If you come out of that experience with no problems, etc. then fine become a German citizen if that is what you want.  As my father would say "Gain und zay gezint". 

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