Mt Zion Cemetery Project Volunteers

A. E. Jordan

A project is underway to catalog and hopefully map one of the largest individual plots at Mt Zion Cemetery in Queens, New York.  Thanks to a great group of volunteers from this discussion group, the Long Island JGS, and other social media sites we had a dozen people last Sunday and photographed over 2,000 stones including a lot of children.  The total plot is approximately 2,700 graves.

It's a first step that will now require sorting and reviewing the photos.  Some will need to be reshot and it appears we might have missed a few rows in the plot, so it will take time to complete but we got a great start.  With a little bit of luck we maybe able to create map to the plot as well as one does not exist currently.

Specially the plot is known as Judah-1 in the Mt Zion database with burials dating mostly from the 1890 to the 1930s.  If anyone here knows specially that they are looking for graves in the Judah-1 plot you can email me directly with the details.  At the moment, I have no way to locate the individual photos but as they are reviewed I can keep an eye out for the names.  But again that is only if they are specifically in Judah-1.

In the meantime, I wanted to say a big personal thank you to everyone who offered encouragement and specifically to: Alec Ferretti; Alex Calzareth; Barry Goldberg; Bill and Elaine Farran; Cat Hollander; Jeff Kagan; Lauren Orenstein; Norit Har-zvi; Renee Steineg; and Robyn Mooney for giving so generously of their time and for their efforts in producing these photos.

Allan Jordan

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