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Trudy Barch

According to all U.S. census records available  Nathan and Solomon Gottstein are brothers.  When the family first came to America they lived in Des Moines, Iowa.  Shortly after the father passed away, the family moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where they spent the rest of their lives. I found the cemetery where Nathan, his wife, and Solomon are buried.   I have communicated with the cemetery office who brought to my attention that the tombstones have different father’s name.   I have spent the evening trying to figure this out  I have used all the usual sites we, genealogists look at.  But I am missing something    Your thoughts, suggestions, ideas would be appreciated.  

The father, Louis Gottstein died in 1910 in Des Moines but I was unable to find anything on his death or a cemetery for him. The mother, Sarah is on all the census records as widow and as far as I can tell never remarried.  She is buried in the Minneapolis area.  The family is from Lithuania and immigrated in 1910.

Thank you for all suggestions and helpful ideas that you might be able to give me.

Trudy Barch,  Florida

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