Re: Rzeszow mescellanious records 1790 - 1840 #poland #galicia

Leah Herz

Hi, I would be very grateful for any information on my g-g-grandfather:


My grandfather – Shimshon Arye Ganz – his grandfather Shimshon Aryeh Ganz comes from Poland region , I’m not sure from where.


Shimshon Aryeh Ganz from Poland lived in the late 1700’s to sometime in the 1800’s


He had a brother David Ganz – who moved to Dragomiresti, in Romania


He had a sister Rickel who married R’ Yosef Mordechai Kahana of Dragomiresti, Romania



Children of

R' Shimshon Aryeh Ganz from Poland

They lived in Romania

1. daughter Etya married R'  Mendel Malek

they had a son Chayim Leib Malek - born Dec 20, 1872


2. daughter married  Yom Tov Ganz from Unter Visheva

3.  R' Hers (Zvi)  Ganz born c. 1822

he married

Faiga Perl


Son of R’ Hers (Zvi) Ganz and Faiga Perl – who lived in Dragomiresti, Romania


Was R’ Shimshon Aryeh Ganz – my grandfather



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