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Karen <kgschneider@...>

Hi Trudy,
I just sent you attachments under a separate email for the links for Solomon, Nathan and also their mother Sarah's gravestones. It was great to hear all the discussion from others about the Hebrew translation for Louis and Moses and that Nathan used his father's first given name Louis and Sol used his father's second given name of Moses on the stones. With that information, plus the attached obituaries for Sol and Nathan that both mention Louis as their father, it seems more and more likely to be true. Plus you will see the 1973 newspaper article celebrating Louis' wife Sarah's 107th birthday (!) gives a brief family history of the family's immigration from Lithuania and life in both Des Moines and the Minneapolis areas and also talks a bit about the lives of their two sons Sol and Nathan. Looking good, just like Sarah at 107, although you'll see she only admits to 103 going on 104!

Chicago, IL

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