Please help identify people in Zieve-Glickman family group photo 1940

Elise Cundiff

I have a photo of the 1940 gathering of the Abraham Raphael Family Ferein - over 250 people in the panoramic shot.  This extended family, who came from Lithuania to Cleveland in the late 19th century,  are descendents of Julius Glickman, Mina Glickman Zieve, and Samuel Zieve;  and of their children Alex Zieve, Bessie Zieve Hantman, Sarah Zieve Gordon (Detroit & Toronto), Anna Zieve Wasserman (Cincinnati), Libby Glickman Murstein, Regina Glickman Gross, Gertrude Glickman Smith, Zelda Glickman Baradofsky, Lillian Glickman Marcus.   The Galvin family of Julius Glickman's wife Anna Galvin Glickman were also involved in the ferein and may be included in the photo; also perhaps the children of  her 2nd husband  Joseph Chertoff.  Please contact me if you think you can help - I can send you better images of the photo.  

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