Re: Help Stop USCIS Genealogy Program Fee Hikes

David Lewin

As I see it, is directed at US citizen.    This is an International problem, not an American one.

Please will you make a Petition place for all researchers to use

David Lewin

At 14:16 20/11/2019, Renée K. Carl wrote:
Building off of Jan Meisels Allen's 15 Nov post (, I have more information to share on the outrageous proposal by USCIS Genealogy Program to raise the cost of accessing documents by more than 400%. An ad hoc group of genealogists, historians, and records access advocates have compiled a summary of the issues, information on the USCIS Genealogy program, and 3 easy steps you can take to help stop this fee hike.

Visit and please take a few minutes to post your comments on the fee hikes at the Federal Rulemaking Portal (not here!). All you need to know and all the links are located at .

Equally important, please share this information with your local JGS and other genealogy groups, historians, etc. This issue is important beyond the USCIS records. If it can happen to those records, it can happen to others!

Thank you for your time and assistance!
Renee K. Carl
Washington DC

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