Conditions for emmigrants from Poland to UK to USA. #poland

N. Summers

I just found a terrific webpage about the migration of emmigrants from Poland to Scandinavia to the UK to the US!

A few days ago I  found a passenger list with my grandparents’ names on it, from a ship that left Liverpool, England for New York in 1920. It said that they were from Poland and had arrived in the UK from Danzig and Hull on the steamship Ellerman of the Wilson Line. That led me to look for Danzig (now Gdansk, Poland) and Hull (a port on the east coast of England, in Yorkshire). And the Wilson Line. It turns out that a lot of people took this route to the United States. The website I found has lots of helpful information, including a report from a local inspector about the lack of satisfactory accommodations for immigrants once they arrived in Hull, and the statement that most immigrants transiting England took a train from Hull to Liverpool.

I’m sure others have found this site before me, but it was a pretty exciting find for me!

Norway Heritage Project
Maryland, USA


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