Re: More on USCIS Proposes Fee Increases - has this been posted on FB groups, yet?

Marjorie Geiser

I've tried to stay on top of all the posts on this topic, and even spent some time trying to read all the legal-talk on the website yesterday.
So, if this has already been asked, my apologies.

Has this been shared on all the genealogy Facebook groups, yet, in order to get the word out? I was going to post on some of the groups I'm on, but I didn't want to duplicate the notice.

Also, the site that's been put together for genealogists might have been updated further since I was on it, yesterday, but reading the materials indicates that just saying it's a shame the rates are going  up won't carry as much weight as details of what the proposition is, as well as perhaps how it will impact each of us who writes, personally.

MY personal observation is I JUST received the email saying that naturalization papers were found for my g-aunt, Helen LEVINE DENISON, and then if I just pay $65 for each (which is two), I can get copies. Even at THIS amount, I'm hesitating, trying to find the forms on my own.... But I also feel that my days are numbered if there aren't thousands of people who contact them.

Margie Geiser


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