Re: Khashchevate - Chashivater Aid Society

Glenda Rubin

I own the WPA-produced directory of New York landsmanschaften.  There is (or was) an info file on the book on the JewishGen website.

The book is in Yiddish, which I'm not great at reading, and my attempt at finding your society was unsuccessful. In my search, I stumbled on what appears to be an English translation of the book from 1992. I've attached some information. Maybe a library near you has a copy.

Good Luck!

Glenda [Rubin}
SF Bay Area
Researching: Stryzewski, Janofsky, Grreenberg, Krochak, Wernick - all from Ukraine.

Glenda Rubin
San Francisco Bay Area
Researching: STRYZEWSKI, STRAUSS, JANOFSKY, JANOFF, OBODOV, WERNICK, GREENBERG, KROCHAK. Shtetls: Lipovets, Ilintsy, Pliskov, Starokonstantinov, Krasilov

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