Re: Grave at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn

Jacob Heisler

Hi Laurie,

I'd recommend you take a look at They have a
ton of Jewish gravestone pictures, including of Washington Cemetery. I
should be clear that they don't have every single gravestone in the
cemetery. The website requires a subscription, but I have one and
would be more than happy to do a quick lookup for you and send you the
gravestone picture if they have your great-great-grandfather's
gravestone photograph.

Jacob Heisler

On Sun, Nov 24, 2019 at 4:38 PM Laurie <1sociologist@...> wrote:

Hello JewishGenners,
After calling every cemetery in the Brooklyn/Queens area, I have
finally located the grave of my great great grandfather. He is buried
at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn. The cemetery gave me a “possible”
location - post 403, row one, grave one - but warned that the “post”
might not be quite correct. I wondered if anyone in this group takes
regular trips out to this cemetery, and might be willing to help me
find the correct location of my great great grandfather’s grave and
take a picture. I have been searching for him for quite some time, so
this is very exciting! I wish I could go myself, but I am in
Thank you so much!
Laurie Duchowny

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