Re: Mount Zion Cemetery seeks old photos and documents

Renee Steinig

Richard Werbins <richard@...> wrote:

<<Do you have an email address for Mark Stempa at Mt. Zion? I have a
number of jpg photos for my wife's family that I could send to him.>>

I don't, but you could call the office and ask. The phone number is at , along with a
nice writeup about the cemetery's history.

Jo Ann Goldwater <jogold@...> asked:

<<Do they want photos of people who are buried there or only photos of
the cemetery?>>

Hanging on the walls of the cemetery's outer office are framed photos
of groups of people visiting loved ones' graves and attending
dedications of society plots. I imagine they're hoping to obtain
similar photos, not ones of individuals buried at the cemetery or of
their stones.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY


Original message:

Mount Zion Cemetery in Queens, which genealogists visit in search of
their family histories, is looking for records of its own history.

Cemetery president Mark Stempa recently wrote:

"In the past, people have forwarded to us old photographs taken during
family visits to the cemetery. If you have any photos or other
interesting documents pertaining to the cemetery, we would appreciate
your sharing them with us."

Materials can be sent to PO Box 780355, Maspeth NY 11378-0355.
According to Mr. Stempa's letter, the cemetery "will photocopy
anything received and return the originals to you promptly."


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

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