Re: Help Stop USCIS Genealogy Program Fee Hikes

Renée K. Carl

Hi Mark
I'm part of the non-partisan ad hoc group raising awareness to the proposed fee hikes. Our focus is the egregious hikes, which will take the USCIS Genealogy Program out of the reach of most researchers. Many of these documents should already have been transferred to the National Archives and available for free. Others are subject to FOIA, and should not be behind a $240 paywall. You can read more about our platform at
This is not considered lobbying, this is providing comments on proposed rule changes. 

Renée K. Carl 
Washington DC 

On Mon, 25 Nov 2019, 6:51 pm Mark Jacobson, <mark_j1_2000@...> wrote:
Is this forum allowing politics now? Because I don't have an interest in debating or discussing ICE or any other non-genealogy topic. I don't care where fee the money goes, my problem is the fees, not where the money from the fees go. If this is really about ICE, and not about fees that will hurt genealogists and restrict access to public records, I don't support stopping the fee increase.

Mark Jacobson

On Monday, November 25, 2019, 05:07:10 PM EST, mamabirdlouise@... <mamabirdlouise@...> wrote:

I did comment on this proposal and sent copies to my two senators and representative.  I got a call back from Senator Baldwin's office and was told that she has not made a comment during this comment period; I suspect she and most senators are not very aware of this issue.  So it's time to flood their offices!

Please note that the proposal includes permission to transfer funds from these USCIS fees to ICE, which is an enforcement agency, as we all know only too well.  My senator has gone on record opposing this kind of funds transfer and that may be the hook that gets the attention of congresspeople; it certainly should get OUR attention. 
Louise Goldstein

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