Re: No replies from matches #dna

Steven Bloom


This is a specific problem with more than just this particular test
with this company. That is, getting replies >from matches is always a
major battle. I find that is a bit better with FTDNA, particularly
for y-dna tests, but its not 100%, and likely never will be. And this
isn't unique to DNA testing. Its a problem in general when using some
sort of reply system like this where people supply an email, etc. Some
reply, most don't.

Some people just get tested to humor relatives, and have no genealogical
interest. Others may only check email rarely. Still others are facing
other more serious personal problems. In an ideal world, perhaps everyone
would at least send a brief reply indicating lack of interest or lack of
knowledge, but, the effect would be the same.

Its very unlikely that someone holding the key to your genealogy, with
tons of info, is holding back and *not* replying to you.

On the bright side, you likely are just experiencing beginners bad luck!
Generally, I've gotten 25-50% reply rate, depending on the company and
the test.

With all of my thousands of matches with various tests and various
companies, I have only gotten about a dozen solid leads, including
several that had same surname, same shtetl, and some relatives with
common rare given names...but still no luck.

Steve Bloom
Central Virginia

After having my yDNA done at FTDNA and posted on I sent
e-mails to possible matches that were also posted. There were no
replies. There was nothing to indicate the addresses were no longer
valid. It would be nice if posters would respond whether or not
there was any connection.

Calvin Weil

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