Re: KLein of Westbury, NY

Randi Patrick

I found this information related to the Kevin Klein surname:

Arnon:  30 Oct 1973
Beth Kara:  16 Mar 1975

Both are listed with the following addresses:

15 The Glenda, Roslyn, NY 11576
215 East 68th Street, Apt 2Y, Manhattan, NY  10065

Others with the Klein surname that were or are residing at the Manhattan/NYC address but it’s an apartment building so they’re probably not related:

Deborah E  20 May 1941 Apt 6-O
Diane L  1 Jun 1951 Apt 3N
Dorothy 11Apr 1918 Apt 5 I
Jonathan 2 Jun 1962 Apt 8Z
Marilyn 2 Apr1919 Apt. 2D
Zoe Graham 27 Nov 1996 Apt 2S

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