Looking for my relatives from my Family Berenstein from Chisinau - Moldova and, Help to translate from Russian



Here there are the pictures and the tombstones of the brothers of my great-gradfather Simrrah/Simão Berenstein that immigrated to Rio de Janeiro/Brazil in 1925-27:

1) Zanvel/Szioma that married to Sara Rivkah that had al least one son: Nesan/Neson Bernstein that was born about in 1938;

2) Boris/Berl that married to Mara/Marim daughter of Chunov, who had at least 04 childfren: Lucy(a) (a boy), Moishe, Manha, and more one boy that we dont know his name.

3) Tily - Tzyrl Bernstein, daughter of Itzig Bernstein that immigrated to USA in about 1911;

I would like so much help to find the descendants of Itzig(k), Boris and Zanvel Berenstein and help to translate what is written in their tombstones.


Samuel (Simrrah) Rotband Berenstein Grinspun.

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