Re: No responses #dna

Sarah L Meyer

Dear Cousins,
I have generally had good luck in getting responses, albeit some delayed.
When I first started I explained that although I was new to DNA genealogy, I
was not new to genealogy. I addressed my note to the match (not to the
person on the email) - until I got a response that indicated they weren't
the match. So then I started naming the person whom I matched, described
where my family originated and gave some data. I was blessed with people
that were courteous and took the time to respond to me. I worked my way
down to the suggested 4th cousins and stopped there. I have not yet gone
back and filled in notes to my other matches after that first couple of
rounds of emails. Secondly I now concentrate on those people with a GEDCOM
or other genealogical information. BTW this was the Family Finder test only
- I also did just the basic MtDNA and I did not pursue those matches - it
appeared to be pointless. I have not pursued much with my cousins Y DNA
other than to sign them up for projects.

Now I take the time to respond to others. If they say "you", I gently
explain that I am the contact person for about 10 people and ask them who
their match was with. In the latest example - my latest cousin whose
results just came in, already has a new second cousin on his mother's side -
her letter indicated that he was the first close match in 5 years... two
emails between the two of us (when all I knew was his mother's maiden name
and birthdate and place and death date and place). Yes I reached adoptees,
and a woman wrote back that she was the child of a sperm donor (and I have
had other requests like that). But everyone who takes the time to write
really does deserve a reply. It is just good manners. May I suggest two
things. First the suggestions of what to include in the email are great -
we should develop a DNA FAQ page, with the question being - "I have matches
- now what?", based on Elaine's suggestions. The second suggestion is for
each of us to develop a form response for those people whose emails are not
sufficiently close as to be worth pursuing, or where you are the contact
for 10 people (or more) and just copy that into the reply box (complete with
your name). It might take 5 second- but you would be perceived as being
polite and not rude.

Sarah L Meyer

Eleanor Goldsholl Gordon gave a number of suggestions as to how to word
an e-mail of a "DNA match".

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