Re: Edelhofer family from Vienna

Traude Triebel

Dr. Max Edelhofer born 15 february 1880 in Ulrichskirchen. left the jewish community 1938, but is buried with his parents Adolf and Emma, on the jewish cemetery Floridsorf in Vienna; all other Edelhofer you will find on Have the images from the grave for Adolf Edelhofer died 18 october 1917 (age 79), his wife Emma nee Feigl, died 21 november 1914 age 61, and Max born 15 november 1880, died 24 feburay 1957; and in memoriam Tini, Willy and Adi, have also pictures for Edelhofer Bertha, died 1920, Marie, nee Oser, died 15 november 1896 age 53, Moritz died 2 april 1896 age 66. all buried in Floridsdorf
on you can see also images for Edelhofer Leopold, born 1871, died 1934, in memoriam Franziska, Helene and Elfi (buried Mistelbach) Emanuel Edelhofer died 1912, with Thekla nee Meise, died 22 september 1905 (cemetery Stockerau) Hermann Edelhofer died 1 march 1925, age 16 , born in Hautzendorf, cemetery Mistelbach, and Edelhofer Johanna nee Kessler, died 19 june 1899 age 39, cemetery Stockerau 
on www.genteam you find some other Edelhofer, go to allover search
let me know, if you want to have the images
Traude Triebel
wiener Neustadt

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