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Diane Jacobs

If I remember correctly Center for Jewish History in Manhattan

has about 4000 incorporation papers for NYC Benevolent Societies

which basically gives the names and address of the original officers.


Diane Jacobs



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Hello group,
My great great grandfather Josef Duchowny was buried in 1896 in a plot
at Washington Cemetery in Brooklyn owned by the Mutual Benevolent
Society of Chevre B'nai Abraham Samuel Anshei Ashisker of Manhattan. I
found a listing for them on the Ackman and Ziff Institute website
which indicates that this burial society was attached to a
congregation for immigrants from Eisiskes, Lithuania. I have two
questions for you all about Chevre B'nai Abraham Samuel Anshei

1. Does anyone have any information about this congregation?

2. I am new to researching burial societies and landsmanshaftn, so
please forgive my simplistic question. My question is, did all people
buried in plots owned by organizations like these come from the town
they were associated with? In other words, can I assume from this that
my great great grandfather came from Eisiskes?

Thank you all so much!
Laurie Duchowny

Diane Jacobs

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