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Renee Steinig


Have you found the family on the 1910 census? (I couldn't.) That would help narrow down Harry's likely date of death -- assuming that he died, which of course isn't necessarily the case. 

Are there any family stories that indicate whether he died or he and Fannie divorced? Do you know the names of Lillian's children? If she had sons and none were named for Harry, that could be meaningful.

In case you haven't seen, Lily Goldstein's birth record is transcribed on FamilySearch. It says that Harry was born in "Lazy Bei Boehmia Galizie." There were five towns named Lazy in Galicia. (See Gesher Galicia's Galician Town Locator at ) It's likely that the Lazy near Bochnia is the place (i.e. "Boehmia" was a transcriber's misreading of Bochnia). This Lazy was in the Jewish Administrative District of Nowy Wisnicz. Jewish Records Indexing - Poland ( has a number of Goldstein records from that district. I didn't see a match to Harry, but perhaps he was related to or even named for the Hersch Goldstein who died in 1880.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Stuart Kaufer <stuartkaufer@...> wrote:

I am trying to locate information on Harry Goldstein. He lived in
Chicago. He was born in 1882 but I have no information where he was
born. All I know about him is that he married my Grandmother
Fannie Lebovitz and they had a child Lillian who was born in 1904.
He was her first husband. In 1912 she married my GF Edward Kaufer and
they had a son Ernest, my father. Lillian's name was changed to
Lillian Kaufer in 1920 census records. I do not know if my GF adopted
her. I realize this is sketchy information at best but it is all the
information I have. Thank you.

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