Diane Jacobs

The quick and easy thing to do would be to go to

the large Jewish NYC cemeteries and do a search

for his burial.  You can access Mt. Zion, Mt. Hebron,

Montifiore and New Montifiore, Mt. Carmel, Mt. Judah

and Mt. Ararat.


For other cemeteries you may be able to email and

ask for a lookup if you don't find him at the larger

cemeteries whose databases are online.


Hope this helps.

Diane Jacobs


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I am trying to trace the burial place of my late Uncle in the hope that someone will be kind enough to photograph his matzevah for me.


His name was Edward Rosendahl and he passed away in June 1966 in NYC. The notices in the New York Times show he was a member of the Conservative Synagogue of Fifth Avenue and that services were held at Riverside, 76th St/Amsterdam Avenue. 


Unfortunately my emails to the shul remain unanswered and Riverside no longer hold records from the 60's. He does not appear in any of the online databases for cemeteries in NY.


I appreciate this was quite a while ago but if there is anyone who knew him and knows where he's buried I'd be very grateful if they could contact me.


Many thanks,


Judith Williams, 

Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

Diane Jacobs

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