Re: Jewishgen Offer

Joan A. Baronberg

I agree with Linda F.—but how would you ever know to what I am “agreeing?”
Yes, this new format is off-putting and “cumbersome” and not as useful as in the past and also arrives too often.

Originally, it was told to us that they now have a maximum length of posting they can send out on any single message. Rather than continue with such a format, why not switch to something that better fits the needs of JGen readers? (so, for example, digest people get only one email per day as in previous years and also the original question/email is posted along with any current replies.
Also, why doesn’t the editor/moderator eliminate all the long, blank spaces in many emails posted?

Joan A. Baronberg
SRRG/Suchostow Region Research Group
Denver, CO
Weisser, Master

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