Looking for Information on Bronek Strosberg - ?Brazil

Bubbles Segall

I am trying to find information on Bronek Strosberg who was born in
Poland in 1926. His parents were Max (Maximillian) Strosberg and
Leah (Leocadja) Strosberg (nee Kopyto). His siblings were Halina
(Hanna) Strosberg born in Warsaw Poland on 1 February 1933 and Esther
Strosberg born in 1928.

When the Warsaw ghetto opened, the family moved to live with the
Strosberg grandparents whose house was located within the ghetto.
Halina and her sister Esther were smuggled out of the ghetto and their
father arranged for them to live in hiding with a number of families
in the countryside outside of Warsaw.

The family thought that Bronek perished during the Holocaust but now a
letter has come to light at Bad Arolson which states that Bronek
survived the Holocaust and emigrated to Brazil in 1947.

Does anyone have any information on Bronek?
Bubbles Segall

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