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Karen Lukeman

Hi Gershon,

Thanks so much for your email....I was hoping that your would write. I don't have access to my computer but I think that I have this right. My great-great-grandfather born in 1790 was Kalmon Kalmamowitz. His grandson (my dad's uncle) was also Kalmon Kalmamowitz. In addition, my uncle was named Kalmon Kalmamowitz (and subsequently changed his name to Calvin Calmon.

We are somehow related to the famous Rabbi Abraham Kalmamowitz, but I haven't been able to figure it out yet.

There are also several sons named Samuel among my ancestors.

Where was your family from?

Best regards,

Karen Calmon Lukeman

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I assume that your surname Kalmanowitz is thanks to the fact that another patriarch (higher up the tree), was also a Kalman. This could mean that Kalman Kalmanowitz was one of more (or many?) Kalmans in your family.


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The patriarch of my family, as far as I could go back, was Kalman Kalmamowitz in Lyubcha Russia (later Poland and now Belarus)...near minsj and Vilna. There have been several Kalman Kalmamowitz's since, one being my uncle who changed his name to Calvin Calmon prior to going to Dartmouth College, probably to anglicize his name. My tree is on Geni (but started it on My Heritage). I did the 23andme and FTDNA DNA tests, and uploaded my data to Gedmatch and MyHeritage. My sister Nadine did the Ancestry  DNA test. 

Karen Calmon Lukeman

Gershon S. Lehrer
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