Judishcen Friedhof and New Cemetery in Cochem-Hein family

Milton Koch

My PGGM, Esther Hein, was born in Cochem in 1834. I have discovered many =
Hein names in the above-mentioned cemeteries.
I am looking for details regarding possible family members, other =
pertinent genealogical data, etc., of several people who are buried in =
these two cemeteries-Hein family members. The burial information and =
cemetery plots are listed in JOWBR-Germany for this town.
These include: Max Hein, Isaak Hein, Abraham Hein, Michel Hein, Anna =
Hein, Moses Hein who have pictures of their gravestones.=20
There are photographs of several of these gravestones from the Judischen =
cemetery, but no images from the New cemetery, however.
I would also appreciate any translation of the Hebrew inscriptions of =
those that are posted.
Thank you.
Milton Koch
Bethesda, MD,USA

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