Headstone portraits

Renée K. Carl

I am just the messenger!

A person on twitter works in estate sales. She came across a bucket of headstone portraits. These images have been removed from headstones. Their origin unknown, but somehow they ended up in Kentucky. The maker of the images is stamped Oak Park, IL so they might have a Midwest origin.

Some of the portraits have names on the back - all the names I have seen appear to be Jewish.

The person who found these is trying to reunite the images with the families. Whether these were stolen or replaced with newer versions is not known.

You can see some here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2825447780809024&id=582166895137135

Please contact the person in the links. I am just the messenger. I am trying to get an email address to reach her.
Thank you
Renee K. Carl
Washington DC
KAROL/CARL - Volhynia, Boston, St Louis
KATSHER/KATCHER/KETCHER - Latvia, New York, St. Louis

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