Re: Viewmate translation request - Sanok 1900 Census #galicia #poland

Vicki Schulkin

David and Meyer  -- I'd be interested in hearing more about what you mean that it "came up on JRI."  (I'm not that experienced at using it.)  Also, when you call it a "census record," is that similar to a "register"?  (I have documents from my family's village in the 1930's that were like a census to begin with, for each address, but then they were updated over a period of time.)  Was your document for a specific address, or for the whole town of Sanok, or for the whole district?  

A cousin of mine in the Czech Republic (newly discovered through DNA!) had written to Sanok asking for our specific family names in the village of Solinka.  The archives staff wrote back (in Polish) with a summary of what they found in the Registers -- for the five Jewish families in the village (all my relatives).  I later wrote to ask for scans of the underlying documents.  I drafted the note in English, put it into Google Translate, and then sent both the Polish and the English.  There was a nominal fee.  There was a treasure trove of information in the registers.  But as I noted above, the registers were from the 1930's, and they seemed to be saying that earlier documents were not available, or no longer existed.  

I also got a register for the town of Zubensko from the same time period, but so far, asking about the other towns in that area hasn't turned up anything.  

FYI -- Those were the final registers for those families.  The last notation in each register was from July, 1942 -- someone wrote in Ukrainian that they had "moved away," and crossed out all their names.

Vicki Schulkin

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