Re: Viewmate translation request - Sanok 1900 Census #poland #galicia

David Birnbaum

On Sun, Dec 15, 2019 at 10:09 AM, <vschulkin@...> wrote:
Regarding what I mean by "came up on JRI"....a search on Jewish Records Indexing (JRI) for the family name, brought up as one of the results, the census entry - see attachment.  Clicking on the "Click here for more information" on the "Sanok PSA 1900 Census" line at the end of the search brought up a reference to the Sanok archives. 

As to the document itself, it's clearly a house by house, street by street census of the town of Sanok and this page of it referred to two families occupying the first two house or apartment numbers in the street. It was not updated over time (at least not the page they sent me). The fact that the heading on the census page defines the region (Galicia), the district (Sanok) and the town (Sanok) would seem to imply that this 1900 census was performed on a wide basis, not just as a Sanok town census  - but I haven't actually checked out the assumption.

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