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Would anyone have information on Jejse (Yeysi), Belarus, a village 7 km east of the town of Braslaw, Belarus? (Please note, this nearby Breslaw is in what was considered “Lita” and is not Bratslav, Ukraine or Breslau, Germany/Wroclaw, Poland). 



Jejse was in the area which together with Vilna was controlled by Poland between the wars. Today no village appears on a map where Jejse stood. 


There is a personal account discussing the fate of the Jews of the village during the Holocaust together with those of Breslaw in “Emesh shoa; yad le-kehilot - gevidmnt di kehiles Braslav, Opsah, Okmenits, Dubinah, Zamosh,Zarats, Ya'isi, Yod, Slobudkah, Plusi, Kislovshtsiznah, Rimshan (Israel).”  Otherwise there is very little information online on Jejse before or during the war. 


Any information you may have on Jejse will be appreciated, including:

-Map of the town itself, documents, pictures, 

-Family stories about life there

-Synagogue, was this in the village?

-Cemetery-was there one in the village, or were burials elsewhere, such as in Braslaw?


Thank you,


Joe Tarshish 

Philadelphia, PA

Researching: Jejse, Belarus (formerly Poland, Lita)

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