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Yefim Kogan

Mark,  you are right, this is not Revision List  (Revizskaya Skazka).  Revision List was only issued on particular years and I think the last Revision #10th was completed in 1859.

There are many other lists we worked with, and put them in the same format as Revision Lists.


The title of this list is saying that this is “Family List of Jews, men who lived in Bessarabia Gubernia in town of Khotin”.  It does not mention conscription in any place.



In addition to this list, we used to have “Special List”, “Common List”, “Pre-Conscription List”,  and also All Russia Census of 1897.  Unfortunately records from the last list is very hard to find.  I only was able to get a few family records from that list.


If anyone knows where to get records from All Russia Census of 1897 from Bessarabia, I would be glad to hear.


By the way, as I see you are part of Gesher Galicia. It is clear that I did not list any place in Galicia, even though there were many Jews from Galicia living in Bessarabia, and the reason is that Jews from Galicia where not on that list,  but they were part of other list “Foreign Jews lived in Bessarabia”.  We have many such lists for residence of different towns with Jews citizens of Austria, Italy, Turkey, Holland, Greece.


Yefim Kogan

KOGAN, SPIVAK – Kaushany, Bendery, Bessarabia

KHAIMOVICH – Ismail, Bessarabia; Galatz, Romania

KOGAN – Dubossary, Kherson gubernia

KOGAN – Akkerman, Bessarabia

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