Gary Pokrassa

To Steven Katz:

As was noted in Phyllis Berenson's announcement the Kamenets-Podolsky project is a pilot project done to establish proof of concept for new methodology for translation projects.

Alex Krakovsky has numerous records posted from Novograd-Volyn district.  I understand your impatience about translation projects - I share that being a town leader for two shtetls in the Ukraine - If we continue on the current method of town leaders submitting proposals, getting that approved, raising the funds and then getting paid translators, it will take several lifetimes to process all the data that Alex K is now making available. That is why I am pushing this new methodology

My suggestion to you is just as soon as we can complete the K-P pilot project we will make an announcement and then I expect there will be many projects being proposed using this methodology.  Review the data available in the Alex K wiki for your town and start thinking about a proposed project.  The biggest limitation at that time will be the number of volunteers we can assemble to transcribe the data in Cyrillic.


Gary Pokrassa
Data Acquisition Director
Ukraine Research Group

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