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Dear all,
My Name is Pablo Szwedak, and I live in Argentina, I'm looking form my Ancestor Polish Documents (Marja, Pawel and Mykieta Szwedak). I would Appreciate your help ...
Here you have my Family tree..https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cDvSRxET0B-SscBVZvo1XFgl2t6RbjA1/view?usp=sharing, and some brief of our polish family history:
Pawel(Pablo in Argentina) is Polish (we don't know the exact place were he born) on 01/26/1903, and comes to Argentina in 02/15/1928 (February)
Marja (María in Argentina) has born in Wasylkowce on 05/21/1908, and comes to Argentina in order to be with her husband in 02/11/1936 (February) with her son Mykieta (Nicetas in Argentina) that has born in Wasylkowce on 12/15/1926.
Pawel and Marja lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina from since until they die (Pawel on 09/30/1958, Marja on 1978 (We don't know the exact date).
Pawel worked as a railroad driver, and as a Carpenter.
Marja was a Housewife in Argentina until she died.
Mykieta (Nicetas in Argentina) got married on 20/12/1951 with Eve Gladys Nievas in Argentina
Mykieta worked in Peugeot, and he repaired buses in Argentina until he died on 10/13/1985

Please let me know if you need something else, Best Regards, -

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