Re: Shorskey, Russia - Any idea of a current name?

Carlos Glikson

"brocky33" asked for ideas about a current name for "Shorskey, Russia". It appears on naturalization papers of a relative of her husband. "Brocky" found no occurrences in JewishGen's Town Finder. A search in JGTF for approximations to the sound that came to my mind shows ten variants for

Czortków, Galicia, Austrian Empire, before WWI

Chortkiv, Ukraine, (present name),  232 miles WSW of Kyyiv

49°01' N 25°48' E, 235 entries in JewishGen's Family Finder.

Variants include Czortkiw, Tschortkiw [Ger], and others (or their transliterations) ending in -ov, -ow (with and without a diacritic mark), -uv and -ev.

Chortkiv, Ukraine, today.

Shorskey, perhaps?

Hope this helps,

Carlos Glikson
Buenos Aires, Argentina 

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