Projects for Novograd-Volynsk City and Nearby Towns Baranivka; Horodnytsia; Lyubar; Nova Chortoryia; Ostropil; Polonne; Rohachiv; Romaniv; etc. #ukraine #yizkorbooks

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

There are so many genealogy projects going on for the city and administrative district of Novograd Volynsk! 

#1) Significant progress has been made on translating the Novograd Volynsk Yizkor Book since June of this year. Table of Contents at More $ is needed to continue, so please donate generously at

#2) The Lyubar town group purchased a full set of revision and supplement lists (1816-1874) for the administrative district of Novograd-Volynsk this year (which includes the city of N-V along with 12 other nearby towns Baranivka; Berezdiv; Horodnytsia; Korets; Krasnostav; Lyubar; Myropil; Nova Chortoryia; Novohrad-Volynskyi City; Ostropil; Polonne; Rohachiv; and Romaniv). All of these digital files were made available on Alex Krakovsky's website and are free to browse. 

#3) A TOWN FINDING AID for each of the 13 towns in these Revision Lists was created and publicized. See Lara Diamond's Blog where I posted the PAGE INDEX for each town at THIS TELLS YOU EXACTLY WHERE YOU CAN FIND YOUR TOWN WITHIN THESE MASSIVE BOOK IMAGES TOTALLING 10,000+ PAGES. The 1872-1874 book has been added since publication.

#4) There is a SURNAME INDEX IN ENGLISH completely finished for all of the revision lists for the towns of Lyubar (1000+ pages) and Ostropol online. Visit my Lyubar KehilaLinks website to read an explanation of the project and to search for your surname at 

#5) MORE surname indices to these revision lists are coming in the near future for Baranivka, Horodnystia, Nova Chartoryia, Polonne (including Poninka), Rohachiv and Romaniv!

All of this extraordinary translation and indexing of the revision lists was done by a volunteer named Deborah Glassman! Check out her website with the completed master surname list from the revision lists for Ostropol at Deb has also revolutionized how we should be reading the revision lists with a new analysis looking at households over time and not just within one revision year. Hopefully, she will lecture at the San Diego IAJGS Conference on this unique report she has composed.

*Note that if Korets and Krasnostav are of interest, then you might want to check in with Michael Levin and Dr. Rachel Goodman who are adding free revision list indices in English on the Tsal Kaplan Foundation website at  

Very happy, and agree that it's been a long time coming for those of us interested in records and indices for the towns on the eastern side of Volhynia. 

Ellen Shindelman Kowitt
Erie, Colorado USA

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