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One of the many problems genealogists have to contend
with is that of "name change". Many family names
were/are changed by immigrants to Palestine/Israel and
are thus not easily recognisable. 

During the British Mandate in Palestine [1921-1948],
people who legally changed their name had their
details officially posted in the "Palestine Gazette".
Approx. 28,000 cases were published [to include old
and new name & sometimes country of origin]. Remember
however, that not everyone changed their names
legally, so your family link may not be listed.
Jean-Pierre Stroweis [President of the Jerusalem
Branch of the Israel Genealogical Society] gave me
permission to reproduce his recent posting to Jri-pl:

The Projects CD-ROM prepared for the Jerusalem 2004
Conference includes the searchable database for the
changes of names during the British Mandate over
Palestine [1921-1948].

It is still available >from the Israel Genealogical
Society. For details, see

You can also refer to:

which lists all the databases in this CD and offers a
brief introduction to each particular database. For
example, on this database, the introduction is at:

Celia Male [UK]

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