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Here is some holiday reading for our SIG which I am sure many will enjoy,
although it inevitably ends in tragedy. It combines genealogy and fascinating
insights into the KAFKA family; if you enter "semicolon kafka" on to a well known
*Search Engine* you will find this URL - why I entered these search terms, I
cannot for the life of me remember, but the result is great:

The article: Kafka's uncle: scenes >from a world of trust infected by suspicion,
by Iain Bamforth GP, Strasbourg, France appeared in the Journal of Medical Ethics
26:85-91 [2000] BMJ Publishing Group

Siegfried LOWY was born in 1867, elder half-brother of KAFKA's mother. After he
obtained his MD, he was the possessor of the only doctorate in the family until
Franz finshed his studies.

Siegfried was a doctor in Triesch [Trest - pop 4,800], Moravia, which lies
14 Km SW of Iglau [Jihlava], for about 40 years. Industries included wool and
spinning factories and a mine. The Jewish population of Triesch in 1930 was only
64, having dropped >from 169 in 1900, so Dr Siegfried LOWY must have had many
non-Jewish patients.

Not only did Siegfried hold a doctorate but he ...... "created a sensation in the
district when he became one of the first people in what was then an outpost of
the Austro-Hungarian empire to acquire a motorbike" .... identified as an NSU
Cantilever - the only one in Triesch. Franz also admired his horses, billiard
table and the library, well-stocked with all the German classics.

Dr Siegfried LOWY practised medicine in Triesch until his retirement. He then
moved to Prague to live with Franz's three sisters and their families. The night
before the whole family was due to be deported in 1942, Siegfried LOWY wrote his
will and committed suicide.

I hope there are still one or two people in Triesch who remember Dr Lowy with
gratitude and affection for his 40 years of devoted service to the community.

Celia Male [UK]

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